Basic Design
The SaS pocket design is, in essence, a modified slipcover for stadium seating with an attached, stretchable pocket for storage that lies underneath the seat to prevent hindrance of leg or seating room while keeping stored materials clean. The SaS pocket is easily portable, stretches to fit a variety of seat sizes, durable, and washable.

Stadiums, theaters, and other sporting and entertainment venues typically provide seating for viewers and spectators on individual flop-down style seats. These and similar venues are designed to seat a large number of people in a given area, resulting in dense seating with limited or nonexistent storage room for coats, hats, gloves, handbags, and other personal items typically brought by spectators to events. While a limited space may be available on the floor in front of or under the seat, items left in the space can become soiled from dirt, food and beverage spills, or from the shoes of those in neighboring seats if they inadvertently step on or kick items in their vicinity on the floor. For example, a sticky movie theater floor with spilled soda and popcorn kernels is familiar to anyone who has attended a movie. Coats hung on a seatback may fall off the seatback and onto the floor which can infringe on another spectator's space in an adjacent row. Handbags and purses can also tempt thieves or pickpockets if left relatively unattended on a floor or seatback during an event. Further, items placed on the floor are sometimes left behind after an event, and finding and retrieving these items can be difficult or impossible.

Many large venues are outdoors, for example baseball stadiums and arenas, where the seats may become wet or dirty from ambient environment. Further, these venues, whether indoor or outdoor, often offer a variety of food items, beverages, and other concessions that can be enjoyed by spectators during events. Unfortunately, food items and beverages are frequently spilled or left on the seats, where they leave residue that can soil the next seat occupant's clothing. Personal items stored on the floor are subjected to any dirt, food, or beverage residue left by a previous occupant.

As a result, there is a need for a seat storage apparatus, the SaS pocket, that can address these problems with conventional stadium, theater, and similar venue seating.

SaS Pocket
"Slip and Store"
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full fold

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